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Of course Scouting is cool...Bear Grylls is the Chief Scout...What could be cooler than that?


Scouting is all about contributing to the development of young people by achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. This is done through enjoying what you are doing, learning by doing, participating in varied activities, allowing young people to make choices for themselves and to take responsibility for their actions. They work in groups learning responsibility for others and, of course, there are plenty of outdoor activities and camping trips.


The Scout Association is an inclusive organisation and welcomes members (boys and girls) regardless of race, religion or ability.


We cater of ages from 6 to 14 years old and if you think your child would benefit from being a member or to enquire about Explorers then please contact the Group Scout Leader, details below:


Email Steve Pirie, the Group Scout Leader, at, Tel: 07985 652439


All that is required is that you are willing to make the Scout promise and abide by the Scout law.


About Scouting

The Scout Movement was founded in 1907 by Robert Baden-Powell, a reknowned British General made famous at the seige of Mafeking. From his experiences at Mafeking and in the Army on his return to the UK he embarked on an experimental camp on Brownsea Island. He took boys from both rich and poor backgrounds and found that they could and did work together in harmony and thrived on learning new skills and making new friends. From this visionary outlook on diversity and the development of young people, the Scouts has grown into the largest organisation of it's kind in the world today.  

The Scout Association in the UK provides adventurous activities and personal development opportunities for 500,000 young people aged 6-25. Internationally, we have over 32 million young people enjoying the benefits of Scouting  across 216 countries. Personal development means promoting the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being of the individual, helping them achieve their full potential. In Scouting, we believe that young people develop most when they are 'learning by doing,' when they are given responsibility, work in teams, take acceptable risks and think for themselves.


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